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The Month of May 2019 at TGS Colne

​Let's get a head start on whats happening in TGS Colne this month. We're gonna be seeing the return of some of your favourite events plus some new ones dedicated to Magic season. So lets get started!! ​ ​ Magic: the Gathering War of the Spark Season   ​War of the spark Draft Weekend - Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th ​ ​Grab three packs of th...
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Ignite Your Spark! Planeswalker Journey League

Start your journey as a Planeswalker and ignite your spark! Embark on an epic journey of adventure, magic and warfare! Starting with a low powered deck you will tweak, change and add cards over the season then battle it out to find the ultimate magic champion! The journey league is a great way to play in a fun, casual way with the added excitement ...
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What's on at TGS Burnley - May 2019

Board Games ​Join us every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday and play with our fantastic selection of open board games. Bring friends, arrange games with other players using our online community or just turn up and play (there are several single player games in our games library too). Staff are on hand to help with set-up, rules and even deciding wha...
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Burnley Community Kitchen

​ You may remember that we ran a collection at Christmas for food bank donations - the donations collected at TGS Burnley & TGS Colne were taken to the Burnley Community Kitchen (Colne doesn't currently have a food bank as such so the Burnley Community Kitchen is the closest). Last week Jonathan and I visited the Burnley Community Kitchen and m...
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This week at TGS Colne - Wednesday 17th

 Here's the main events at TGS Colne this week  Wednesday 17th April - Vigilus phase 2 and D&D Dungeons & Dragons sees our players delving into the Maze of the Mad Mage from 7pm until 10pm. Newcomers are more than welcome to explore this maddening realm of twists, turns, monsters and loot... the precious loot. Entry fee £3.50...
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KR Multicase Orders

Did you know we can order in KR Multicase products?  Well we can! They're fantastic backpacks and cases filled with foam that store your models - whether you just need to store them safely or need something for transporting them between home and store.  Choose from a single cardboard case with inserts. £35 each Or A backpack that holds 3x...
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What's on at TGS Burnley - April 2019

Here's a quick overview of our events here at TGS Burnley this month: Easter Holidays Build & Paint Workshops ​ Wednesdays10th & 17th  4:15pm - 6:15pm Saturday 13th & 20th  12:30pm - 2:30pm. £3.50 entry (free entry with the purchase of a model & paint starter set). We have build & paint days for those young hobbyi...
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What's on at TGS Burnley - March 2019

Here's a quick overview of our events here at TGS Burnley this month: Warhammer Underworlds Day - Sunday 10th Join us for Warhammer Underworlds - Bring your warbands and battle it out for some lovely prizes.    Players will be paired up for a maximum of 4 rounds. The overall winner of the day will take home the Shadeglass trophy! The...
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Product Roundup 1/3/19

Here's a quick round up of some of the upcoming products we've got on our radar.

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Vigilus Defiant - Warhammer 40,000 Campaign

Since the coming of the Great Rift, the Imperium of Man has been torn in two. Vigilus, an arid yet overpopulated bastion world, is vital to its continued survival. 

Will your army stand in defiance or seek to tear Vigilus asunder? This is the planet's darkest hour, and its fate is in your hands.

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