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Be a part of the adventure!


Each week at TGS we have a variety of people and games happening on any given day we are open. 

One thing can be said about our community, we certainly do have fun! The nature of gaming is such that it can attract a certain type of person that must win at all costs - we are fortunate that we have a group of people who like to put the emphasis heavily on the fun & enjoyment of gaming. 

You should come and join us sometime! Just head over anytime we are open and we will show you the ropes!

Gaming week in review

Wed 18 Oct - Sun 22 Oct

Going for gold!

The week started out on Wednesday with newcomers Craig & Jake going full thrust into a game of Tortuga 1667. Taking to the high seas, and literally going for gold, they inadvertently found themselves at the mercy of team TGS consisting of Morgan & myself (it is a hidden role game so we didn't know we were on the same team!) and with the help of big Paul we took it all the way to the climatic ending where the French were victorious in the quest for gold!

The evening quickly moved on to an abandoned spaceship overrun with aliens hunting the fleeing humans! There were some valiant efforts, which included a broken escape pod, but eventually the human crew were all transformed! 

Magic & Mayhem!

The weekend saw some other new players, Gethin and his mum Adrienne, being shown the ropes by one of our junior players Natalie. Gethin & Natalie quickly formed an alliance in the games that they played and at one point the line "Do you really want my mum to win?" was exclaimed loudly from the table of fun! Adrienne fought valiantly and hurled her spells but to no avail. I believe there was an exploding kitten or two later on as well...

Meanwhile the Planeswalkers were slinging spells at each other and summoning their creatures to do their bidding. With Eric emerging as a powerhouse within the Magic: the Gathering community in both League and Standard Showdown we are left wondering if anyone can knock him from the top? Newcomer Toby gave it a good shot and we thought he had it at one point but sadly he fell quickly to the might of Eric's spellcasting! Jonathan didn't help himself by discovering mid-game that he had a spell prepared in his deck that he couldn't even cast!

Oh, the horror!

Elsewhere things took a turn to darkness as the horror themed games came alive! We had two groups fighting zombies in spectacular fashion in Dead of Winter, they were getting some practice in for the big game in a few weeks where we will combine the sets to create an all out war! Two colonies will fight each other as zombie hordes get in the way. Sound familiar? Walking Dead eat your heart out!

For Honour & Glory!

in the empire of Rokugan the warring clans have been battling hard throughout the week. Notable moments were when Dan's Scorpion clan absolutely massacred my Dragon clan. in a revenge match the following day it was the complete opposite as the Dragons regrouped and came back stronger than ever! The Emperor was pleased and bestowed favour upon the Dragon clan and the Scorpions found themselves bereft of honour! Something tells me that this story is not over yet...

Dungeons & Dragons!

The ultimate storytelling game! With adventures happening on Thursdays & Sundays For anyone that wants to get involved!

One of the most memorable moments was during the Sunday session where one of the characters got imbued with the embodiment of an ancient Dwarven ancestor. We saw one of the many Richard's character, Pinky the rock gnome wizard, transformed into a Dwarven Paladin, will it be forever? Who knows. At least one member of the party has made it their mission to find a magical cure to bring back his gnome brethren...

Each week across our TGS stores hundreds of people join in the fun. Come and join us and be part of the TGS adventure! 

Just head to the store and we will do the rest!


Some of the games that we played this week included:

Tortuga 1667
Escape from Aliens in Outer Space
Dead of Winter
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Kittens in a Blender
Exploding Kittens
Rock, Paper, Wizard
7 Wonders Duel
Rainbow Rage
Ticket to Ride UK

Card Games

Some of the card games played this week included:

Magic: the Gathering
Legend of the Five Rings
Game of Thrones

Roleplaying Games

We have Dungeons & Dragons adventures running all the time for complete beginners or more experienced players of all ages! 

Head over to the shop to join in adventures, roll up characters, chat about the things that you enjoy about roleplaying games or how to get started.

Our friendly, and welcoming, group are waiting for you!

Chester Ixalan League Results!
D & Don't make me angry...

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