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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Campaign




The Mortal Realms are rife with war. Every day, warriors and sorcerers rise to power, leading their warbands to bloody battle. Noble champions and treacherous villains set out to marshal their forces, conquer their lands and achieve eternal glory.


In Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Path to Glory, you control a mighty warlord as they lead a growing band of followers into combat. As you wage war across the Mortal Realms you gain strength and renown, drawing ever more soldiers to your banner, and every victory brings you closer to eternal glory.


This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the ropes of this fantastic hobby. You will learn to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, meet new people and begin your hobby journey.



This is your opportunity to start collecting, painting and playing with a brand new faction for Age of Sigmar. How about taking up a faction that you otherwise wouldn’t play? Maybe you’ve been thinking about a new faction but not quite got around to it? Well now is the time! Order your ‘Start Collecting’ Box from us today and begin your new project with the game you already love.

Join us today to start your Path to Glory journey! We will help you choose your starting units/ Start Collecting! box.


Each player starts off with a small number of units then plays games in an attempt to win Glory points. These points can either be saved up or they can be spent to add more units to your army. 

Games can be played any time we are open - use our online community to arrange games with other players. 

Once a player has either 10 Glory points or has added 5 additional units (through Glory point purchases) they will have the opportunity to win the Path to Glory campaign by winning one additionnal game!


This is a fantastic way to play Age of Sigmar without worrying about the number of models you need to collect first. Your army grows with you as you win games and spend glory points.


Become a Star Player to get 10% off all purchases! Click here for more details 


If you would like to play on our 6ft x 4ft scenery table please contact the store by the Sunday before to arrange a booking.

Event Properties

Event Date 05-07-2018 4:00 pm
Event End Date 05-07-2018 9:45 pm
Individual Price £3.50 or Free for Star Players
30-32 Westgate, Burnley BB11 1RY
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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