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Friday Night Magic at TGS Burnley


What happens at Friday Night Magic at TGS Burnley?

A typical Friday timetable at TGS Burnley looks something like this:

2:00 pm. - Doors open

6:20 pm - Registrations close for the evening's organised play

6:30 pm - Evening organised play

10:00 pm - Store closes 

Here are the details!


From 2pm to 4pm

Between 2pm & 4pm there's generally a couple of people playing casual games, trading and tweaking their decks. Someone in the store will be randomly picked to receive one of the FNM promos! 

4pm to 6pm

Between 4pm & 6pm the regular Commander players start making an appearance. There's generally a few trades folders being passed around at this point, a few casual games of Standard or Modern and possibly a Commander game starting up. Another random promo will be given away. 

6pm to 7pm

Between 6pm & 7pm is when everyone is getting ready for our organised play. Organised play starts at 6:30pm (registrations close at 6:20pm). Organised play is there so you know a definite game is starting at a specific time. Our usual organised play is Commander and Standard Constructed Single Elimination (a bit of a mouthful, I know). Depending on the number of Commander players this might split into 1 or two tables of Commander and the players will rotate each game in order to try and play a variety of people.

Standard Constructed Single Elimination just means you need a Standard Deck to play and you will be randomly paired up for the first round. If you win your first match, you move onto the next round. Don't worry if you don't win your match though, there's still loads of fun things to do!

Another person in the store will be picked at random to receive an FNM promo.

7pm to 8pm

Between 7pm & 8pm If you can't get here in time for the registration cut off for the organised play, don't worry, around this time the first round of organised play is coming to a close, those that win the first match move onto the second round and those that didn't quite make it are now free to play whatever they fancy. We have casual games starting that could be Modern games, more Standard play, Multiplayer games, casual Drafts can start and even boardgames.

Another player will be picked randomly to receive an FNM promo. 

8pm to 9pm

Between 8pm & 9pm organised play is moving on and there will be more people looking for casual games. Play whatever you fancy playing and another two people will be randomly picked to receive and FNM promo. 

9pm to 10pm

Between 9pm & 10pm organised play is coming to a close, casual games are still going strong and we get a good few games of something quick, easy and fun like Uno or Skull to round off the fun night we've had. Our final two FNM promos will be given away. 

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