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A shadow is falling on the Mortal Realms – the Daughters of Khaine have come. Infused with sadistic cruelty and holy purpose, these brutal zealots will soon be yours to command thanks to a new battletome, new units and of course, Morathi herself!

Daughters of Khaine

The Daughters of Khaine are an army of aelven zealots combining the Khainite worship of their kin from the world that was with strange new powers drawn from the Realm of Shadow. Led by Morathi, they may serve Order, but their methods are extreme, and they think little of butchering the innocent populations of the Mortal Realms as they persecute the endless crusade for the shards of their shattered god.

The Daughters of Khaine came into being following the capture of Slaanesh. Morathi, having escaped the god's clutches through magical means, helped weave the enchantment that caught Slaanesh, with Malerion, Teclis and Tyrion – ancient aelven warriors reborn as Gods of this new age – also providing aid. Together, they were able to free the aelven souls within Slaanesh, and each was rewarded with a portion to shape as they wished. Combining powerful magic with the sacrifice of her own blood, Morathi forged a new aelven race, and the Melusai and the Khinerai are the first among them.

While the Daughters of Khaine crave bloodshed and murder, they serve alongside the forces of Order – albeit tenuously. As builders of cities and civilisations, the Daughters of Khaine have little truck with the rampaging forces of Destruction, while the cold chill of Death holds little appeal to a race brought back from the brink of extinction. As for Chaos, few hate it more than the Khainites, prosecuting their crusades with particular violence against the servants of Slaanesh.

Morathi's armies are viewed askance by the other inhabitants of Order. Rumours persist of strange, shadowy mutants among their number, and indeed, many find themselves unfortunately slain in the Khainite's grotesque rituals – whether they come from the Chaos Wastes or are snatched from the streets of the free cities…. As they stand, the Daughters of Khaine are more tolerated than accepted, existing in a shadowy twilight, too useful to cast out.

So What's New This Week?

Available from the 3rd of March (or earlier pre-order)

Battletome: Daughters of Khaine - £25

The definitive guide for all Daughters of Khaine collectors. 

  • All the background, history and origins of the Daughters of Khaine. 
  • 16 Warscrolls and 6 Warscroll Battalions with rules and point values for each of the Daughters of Khaine minitatures.

Warscroll Cards: Daughters of Khaine - £15

Dice: Daughters of Khaine - £12.50

Morathi - £80 

A creature of magic, manipulation and secrets, the High Oracle of Khaine, the Shadow Queen and grand matriarch of the Daughters of Khaine, Morathi is an ancient being, a seeress unmatched in her mastery of dark magics. In addition to being able to summon the horrors of the nightshade-realm, she has used her spells to morph into a comely form – a radiant she-aelf framed by outstretched wings wrought of shadow-metal. So great is her supernatural beauty that foes stand mesmerised by her rapturous allure. This is a fatal mistake, for Morathi wields her spear Heartrender with cruel efficiency, and her bladed pinions are themselves razor-sharp weapons that can easily lop limbs and heads.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Morathi. She comes as 2 different miniatures, both of which are included: the High Oracle of Khaine, her aelven form, and The Shadow Queen, her true, monstrous form. The High Oracle of Khaine is an icily beautiful figure, wearing ornate leather and metal armour. In a gloved hand she holds her magical spear, Heartrender, pointing it toward an unseen enemy. Behind a large, metal headdress, her long, serpentine hair cascades down her back – upon closer inspection, this is laced with wicked barbs and blades. Her wings fan out from her back, dripping with blood from every point.

The Shadow Queen is another prospect entirely – standing almost 3 times taller and posed in a far more aggressive manner, this miniature will make a splendid centrepiece for any Daughters of Khaine collector. In this form, her furious serpentine aspect dominates, with the lower half of her body given over to a long, sinister snake-form which coils and twists around a massive stone column. Her top half wears the same armour, with the same headdress and Heartrender – but her hair has been replaced by snakes, and the wings have become expansive and scaly, with huge chitinous points ready to impale the unwary. The base features an unfortunate aelf, turned to stone and broken in half by Morathi's gaze.

Morathi comes as 59 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round base and a Citadel 40mm Round base.

Next Week...

Released 10th March and available to pre-order​

Daughters of Khaine – Melusai - £30.00

The Daughters of Khaine were formed by Morathi from the aelven soul essence drawn out of Slaanesh when each of the Dark God's captors took a portion to shape to their will. While, in the Age of Sigmar, many aelves are born by natural means, some of those first aelves to be formed by their gods still walk the Mortal Realms.

The Melusai are among the first such aelf-souls to be reborn – not quite reincarnations of those consumed by Slaanesh, but new beings imbued with centuries of hatred and an unquenchable lust for revenge against the servants of Slaanesh. Melusai are twisted in spirit and body, hence their strange mutations, but have powerful magical abilities, such as the Blood Sisters' ability to transform their foes into statues of living crystal or the Blood Stalkers' uncanny ability to strike the hearts of their foes with their arrows.

Daughters of Khaine – Khinerai - £27.50

As a result of the taint of Slaanesh, many aelven souls are permanently marred or twisted and, in physical form, mirror the vile Daemons of the Great Enemy. The Khinerai are winged aelves, descending from the skies to enact the wrath of the Shadow Queen, wherever her enemies hide…

Magic The Gathering - Core 2019 Season
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