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Join the Ixalan Treasure Hunt!


I don't think it is actually possible to get across just how excited I am about this!
Whether you are a Magic player or a Geocacher (or neither, or both) this is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, get out and about and become part of two fantastic communities!

Wizards of the Coast - the company behind Magic the Gathering - have teamed up with Geocaching.com to create a real life treasure hunt ready for Ixalan.

Magic: The Gathering is the first, and most popular trading card game of all time. You and a friend face off in a magical duel of powerful spells and epic creatures.

Learn how to play in any of our stores! 

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunting game. Players hide and search for hidden treasures called "caches," which usually contain trinkets that players can swap with something else. Some caches contain "trackables"—unique objects that players move from cache to cache and track at geocaching.com.

Magic fans and geocachers are invited to explore the newest plane of the Multiverse, IXALAN! On your journey, discover dangerous dinosaurs and plundering pirates as you seek out caches around the globe. Take your Magic: The Gathering, IXALAN Treasure Piece trackable with you from cache to cache to reveal hidden secrets (and maybe some card previews).

Players can hunt the trackables with help from a map on the Geocaching website.

When a player finds a trackable, they'll log it on Geocaching.com, deposit the trackable in another cache, and register that location. The site will tally how many miles the trackables have traveled and Wizards will reveal preview cards once they're reached certain milestones.

Other explorers can use the site to see which caches hold trackables.

The promotion will run during both Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan.

​Keep your eyes peeled on social media and on this site for more details about our Ixalan trackables!

Before you head on out for your first Geocaching adventure, check out the Geocaching etiquette, be prepared, stay safe and have fun!

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