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Magic: the Gathering - Ixalan Season


What will be happening in store during the Ixalan season?

For centuries, the untamed jungles of Ixalan have hidden a coveted secret: Orazca, the city of gold. But no secret can remain undiscovered, and no treasure can be taken uncontested. Unfurl your sails, saddle up a dinosaur, and battle your rivals as you embark on a journey to claim the plane's greatest fortune for yourself!

The IXALAN season is nearly upon us. With plenty of fun and exciting events throughout the season, there's something to suit everyone's style of play! Prefer playing at your own pace? Then Prerelease Party and League Play are perfect for you. Want a bit of competition and to prove yourself? Prerelease Tournament and Standard Showdown ending with the Store Championship is for you!

This article has everything for the IXALAN season in one, easy to understand place so you can pick and choose which events suit you best (of course you can play in them all if you like!). 

There's a lot going on so avast ye scurvy dogs! I don't want to see no hornswagglin' or I'll see ye dance the hempen jig! 

Land ahoy... it's... IXALAN!

Check in with your local store for the events happening near you using the links below!

Burnley,   Chester,   Colne

Prerelease - Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September

Prerelease is your first chance to play with the new set before it's official release. We have two options available for Prerelease so you can pick the one that best suits your play style. 

Regardless of which prerelease you choose to play in each player will receive:

  • A prerelease pack containing 6 IXALAN boosters
  • A spin down life counter dice
  • A date stamped foil promo card which could be any rare or mythic rare from the set

We also have a land station in the stores for you to borrow.

Check locally for which events are going on and their times.

Prerelease Party

If you are new to Magic and still learning, can't commit to a full day of play or you would just like to play at your own pace with no pressure, then Prerelease Party is the one for you! At a Prerelease Party, you can come down anytime you like, build your deck at your own pace (don't worry, we are on hand to help) and play your games at your own pace too. Play at least 3 games with 3 different people to earn yourself 2 extra Ixalan boosters.

Prerelease Tournament

If you think you know your stuff and want a chance to win extra boosters with a bit of competition, then the Prerelease Tournament is the one for you! In the tournament you will be given approximately half an hour to build your deck, then you will be paired up with a different opponent in each of the 4 rounds. The rounds are timed too. Reckon you can handle it? Everyone will get a minimum of one booster for completing the event and if you finish in the top 8 you may even walk away with more!

Draft Weekend - Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October

Come and join us to celebrate the official release of the set with Draft Weekend!

We will be firing drafts at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm on Saturday and at 12pm & 2pm on Sunday. We will also fire more drafts as soons as there are enough people to play.

Drafts are a brilliant way to add more cards to your collection whilst having fun. It's the biggest bang for your Magic buck, and you get to choose which cards you keep from the packs. What's not to love?! They are super easy to get involved with (if you can open a pack and know how to play Magic, you're already there!)

If you want to read more on how a draft works check out Jonathan's blog post here.

League - 2nd October - 29th October

League is another fantastic way to build your collection whilst having fun with the cards you open! This is old-school Magic. Limited card choices, low price point and lots of fun. At the start of the League you purchase 3 Ixalan boosters. You then build a 30 card deck to play with whenever you are in store. These games tend to be relaxed, and really suit new or just 'chilled' Magic players.

Players taking part in the League receive a gorgeous Ixalan themed deck box to keep their cards in.

Every week you can buy an extra booster to add to your card pool. Your deck will change and evolve with you depending on what cards you manage to add to your collection and what you're having fun with. 

Play 10 games across the month with as many different people as possible to earn yourself a foil promo card.

Standard Showdown - 7th October - 24th December

Looking to show off your deck building skills and prove your worth? Or just want a slightly more competitive environment to show off the deck you've created with your Ixalan card pool? Come along to Standard Showdown where you will battle it out in Swiss rounds and win special Standard Showdown boosters packs whilst you're at it!

Not exclusively for hardcore players, but expect a little more of a competitive edge at Standard Showdown.

What's in these Standard Showdown booster packs?

  • One premium card from a Standard legal set
  • One premium foil basic land
  • Two rares or mythic rares from a currently legal standard set.

Check locally for which days you can play Standard Showdown.​

Store Championship - Saturday 30th December

The climax of the Season!

Join us for a day of Magic as we get ready to welcome the next set, Rivals of Ixalan.

Trade, play and join in our Ixalan Store Championship. After tweaking, improving, and weeks of practice in regular play in store, your deck (and you) are now the best you can be... it's time to compete for the title of Store Champion!

Everyone taking part gets a full-art foil promo card from the next set (Rivals of Ixalan). 

As well as the title of Store Champion, there is a store champion playmat and exclusive deck boxes for those who emerge in victory!

Friday Night Magic - Every Friday from store opening to store closing.

Friday Night Magic is for everyone who wants to have a fun day/night playing the game they love. Come along with your favourite deck and have a fantastic time making new friends, playing your favourite game and being in with a chance of getting foil promo cards.

Anyone can come down and play anytime the store is open but check with your local TGS to see what organised play events are happening and when.

Arkham October
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