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Malign Portents - Campaign!


Shadows lengthen across the Mortal Realms.

In every nation, from its ramshackle hovels to its soaring keeps, dark omens abound. The elders say there is change on the wind, and not for the better. 

Sigmar's great endeavour, to light the fires of civilisation once more, has borne fruit – but in turn brought dangers of its own...

Join us for the Malign Portents Campaign!

This is the perfect time to get involved in the fantastic Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Starting Thursday 15th February through to Thursday 29th March you can play and/or collect and paint to help shape the story of the Age of Sigmar!

The Malign Portents are dark omens that point to the end of an age of hope, and the beginning of a new, darker age… an age of Death! All of the Grand Alliances are aware of this as powerful Harbingers are spreading the word and building their forces for the mighty battles ahead.

Every battle you fight and every group of miniatures (warscolls) you buy, assemble and paint will count towards the results so you will help decide what happens each week!

Every week, those taking part will be presented with 3 options for where the story could go next. Perhaps in one week you'll have the option to find a mysterious artifact or chase down a shadowy figure or even just defend your position. You can vote for your favourite option by playing games and/or collecting and painting new warscrolls. Each Thursday the option with the most votes will be added to the ongoing storyline and a new set of options will become available. Every choice in the campaign will affect not only the Dread Solstice but the story of Warhammer Age of Sigmar as a whole - the decisions made here could well shape the lore for years to come!

Not only will your participation help shape the story, there are also rewards for those that take part.

You can either arrange games with other players using our online community or join us on Saturdays to meet up and play or paint. 

What do you have to do? (TL:DR)

This is super easy! Just play games of Age of Sigmar in store, paint your warscrolls (units) and you're involved! The idea is to get loads of games and finish up those paint jobs and get them on the table!

Don't worry about "army this" or "battalion that", the aim is to keep this simple and have fun.

Just let your TGS know you're interested and we'll take care of the rest (not the painting mind, that's your job!)

...and that's all there is to it!

Collect, paint, play - done!

There's a ton of story and lore you can delve into if you want to. I've put some below to whet your appetite if you want to get really involved but it's entirely optional! 

What's the Story?


It began with unsettling dreams, and unnatural lights in the sky. Many sleepless nights were spent huddled in fear of spectres that haunted the mind, and that deprivation of rest was itself a curse. There was something in the air, they said. Some malediction yet to be, a baneful hour that threatened to turn the feeling of disquiet into a palpable aura of dread. 

There are some great stories to get you in the mood here ---> linky, remember... don't have nightmares...

Behind the Scenes

Some cool insights from the GW Studio about what's going on and where the story is going. How the story can impact your games and how your games can impact the story!

As well as all that, there are some cool new minis for each of the grand alliances (Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction) called Harbingers and a brilliant looking campaign book if you want to add some of the special Malign Portents rules into your games.

Lord Ordinator

'The Stormhosts change the fate of the realms with each thunderous strike. Yet next to the innumerable minions of darkness, we are few indeed. We cannot fail, nor lose our way, for we must shape the future with hammer, blade and bolt.'

Vorrus Starstrike, Lord-Ordinator of the Hammers of Sigmar

The first Stormcast Eternal officers to reinforce those territories claimed by Sigmar's Tempest. Each a combination of arcane engineer and celestial prophet, they are tasked to shape the future to the God-King's will.

The Warqueen

'The gods have not asked much of you this day. Simply fight beneath my banner, sow these lands with shattered bone and water them with blood. Do this, and your deeds will be remembered forever.'

– Marakarr Blood-Sky, Warqueen of the Reaver Wastes 

Only the strong can hope to survive the living hellscape that is the dominion of Chaos. Only those with a touch of madness to fuel that strength can hope to prosper. Each Darkoath Warqueen has clawed her way to supremacy over the bodies of a thousand challengers.

Fungoid Cave-Shaman

'Splitcap, deffcap, grinnin' moon, Give ta me your bestest boon, Them dreams wot set ya head ablaze, To find the Waaagh! at the end of days!'

– Snazzgar Stinkmullett's gobbla-chant

Cave-Shaman are not right in the head, even before they become host to colonies of potent fungi! The fungoid Cave-Shaman were the first to direct the hordes of Destruction to Shyish in search of the Waaagh! to end all Waaaghs!

Knight of Shrouds

'You who think yourselves safe from the fate you so richly deserve. Look upon these legions of the dead, and know that you will soon be amongst them, with maggots in your belly and dust in your lying mouths.'

– Keldrek, Emissary of the Prime Innerlands

On the bleakest nights of the human soul, the Knight of Shrouds rides at the head of a massed gathering of the undead. He has bartered away his soul in exchange for the generalship of a powerful undead host. 

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