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New Releases, August 28th


This week's new releases. Including -

  •  Flick 'em Up - Dead of Winter
  • Viral
  • Nimbee
  • Lazer Ryderz
  • Gang Rush Breakout
  • NMBR 9

Flick 'em Up - Dead of Winter 

Based on the best-selling game Dead of Winter, form your group of 10 survivors and explore the city with 10 scenarios. 

Shhhhhh! The slightest sounds will wake the zombies!
With the new - and terrifying - Zombie Tower, you'd better be ready and raring to go when the zombies attack!
Are you ready to flick some zombies?

Welcome to the crossover made in heaven:
Flick'em Up - Dead of Winter. Immerse yourself in 10 different scenarios with mind-blowing scenery and components that will transform your table into the post-apocalypse wasteland of a zombie invasion. With your team of 10 well-known survivors from the Dead of Winter world, search high and low to gather resources and weapons to survive the trials ahead. Danger lurks everywhere, but you must put your fears to rest and confront the dead while you still can. Learning to flick and handle new weapons will be key against zombies. Control the accuracy of your sniper gun, the striking strength of your baseball bat and the effectiveness of your knife throwing before facing a zombie. You should know it by now:
Zombies are merciless!

RRP £50


Use your worker bee to dominate the hive and venture out into the meadow to collect the most nectar.

RRP £20

Lazer Ryderz

In Lazer Ryderz, players take on the role of one of four Ryderz as they race to capture three prizms. Unlike most games, Lazer Ryderz does not use a set board; instead, your table is the board! Players use individual straight and curved lazer pieces to create their path to victory. Your line must pass fully through a prizm on the table before you can capture and score it. But precision is key as you navigate the ever-changing board, as crossing another player's path will cause you to crash! Keep in mind, though: the faster you're going, the harder it will be to turn as you try to maneuver around the board!

In the deepest pockets of space, there exist Power Prizms, leftover artifacts from intergalactic beings of a bygone era. Activating three prizms allows Ryderz to charge up and pass through to new destinations in the galaxy. The portal only allows one Ryder to pass through before moving on to a new location, so speed is essential to meet your goal lest you be left in the space dust. But the faster you go, the harder it is to turn, and if you run into another player's lazer, you'll crash! Who will continue on their quest, and who will be left behind?

RRP £40

Gang Rush Breakout 

Being the wheelman for a mafia crime organization is an exciting life. You make dangerous runs across the border to help bring home the hard earned fruits of the gang's labor. However, this is no Sunday drive. Rival organizations try and slow you down, the authorities are hot on your trail, and there's enough debris and barriers between you and freedom that it takes all of your skills to navigate this obstacle course. Getting across the bridge first is great, but you'll need to be the hood that delivers the most loot to the Don if you want to take your rightful place by his side. Choose your driver, plot your course, and fasten your seatbelt! Gang Rush is one heck of a ride!

RRP £75



In every game of NMBR 9, players attempt to score the most points by creating their own displays of uniquely shaped number tiles. Tiles on higher levels of your stack score more points, but you must be careful how quickly you build upwards. Without a solid foundation, you'll quickly run out of space for more valuable tiles. Each of the ten types of number tiles covers a different amount of space and no part of a tile can hang over an edge without anything below it. Properly consider all the factors and cleverly place your tiles to get to the bottom of this intriguing puzzle. 


With just a deck of cards and a pack of number tiles, NMBR 9 presents a unique and varied challenge every time you pay. During each round, a card drawn from the deck determines what number tile you need to place. With only two copies of each of the ten different of cards in the deck, the farther you go into the deck, the better idea you have of what cards are coming. Use all the information available to you and move quickly to build the display worth the most points. There are many solutions to the puzzle at the heart of NMBR 9, but only one of them will win. 

RRP £25


Your objective is to mutate and take over the host's organs. Choose your strategy carefully, though, because other player's viruses are sure to get in your way! If too many viruses are present in an organ, a CRISIS occurs and the IMMUNE SYSTEM will surely wipe out your infection!

Viral is a two to five player game where you are a deadly virus that has just infected a patient. Your objective is to mutate and take over the host's organs. Infect organs, traverse the body through the veins and arteries, and shield or attack with your viruses! Too many viruses present in an organ will cause a Crisis, and the Immune System will wipe all viruses in an organ! Choose your strategy carefully, the doctors are researching a cure for you, and other players' viruses in the body are sure to get in your way!

RRP £50

Winning at D&D?
Dungeons & Dragons: A City on Edge

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