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Star Wars: Legion


It's finally happened. There is going to be a tabletop miniature combat game based around Star Wars! 

Fantasy Flight Games are making the most out of their license with Disney, and I for one couldn't be more excited! 

Just looking at the pictures has got me salivating and thinking about getting my paints out (I mean, painting stormtroopers has got to be pretty easy (you'd think... meh painting white is a pain!).

General, prepare your troops for surface attack.

Darth Vader
Painting white is harder than you think!

From the details I've seen so far, this looks to be a combination of card play (you select a command card from your hand at the start of your turn) and dice, with an interesting activation mechanic thrown in for good measure. 

I was always disappointed to use the initiative system in Games Workshop systems, and I loved the Bolt Action mechanic for its uncertainty and the extra strategic layer it adds. In Star Wars: Legion, you place an order token next to your unit. Then (in the activation phase) you can either activate a unit that you gave an order to or take a random token from your order pool, forcing you to activate a unit of the same rank. It's the command card that allows you to get orders to your most important units, but it's your choice as to whether to hold back or strike first!

Using some of the best and most easily recognised elements from other Star Wars games (X-Wing and Armada), movement uses a movement tool. Simply move the leader of the unit along the movement tool, then the rest of the unit follows (keeping things flowing quickly).

Combat is also fast and furious. Select a unit's weapon and add the dice to your dice pool. Roll attacking dice while your opponent rolls defence dice (X-wing players will find this very familiar) and any attacks that persist is a downed enemy soldier. 

Sounds great, we'll keep you posted as we get more information!

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