Since the coming of the Great Rift, the Imperium of Man has been torn in two. Vigilus, an arid yet overpopulated bastion world, is vital to its continued survival. 

Will your army stand in defiance or seek to tear Vigilus asunder? This is the planet's darkest hour, and its fate is in your hands.

What is the Vigilus Defiant Campaign?

Starting from the 25th of February, our Vigilus Defiant Campaign is an opportunity to play Warhammer 40K with an over-arching story driving the planetwide events over a period of 6 weeks.

Put simply, this is a great excuse to play some games of 40K!

Battles won and lost take on greater importance as you fight for control of Vigilus, not only reliving the climactic moments in the narrative but forging your own tales of glory or crushing defeat.

Each week, there will be special rules in play that will reflect the story of the invasion of Vigilus and give a thematic twist to your games, so keep an eye out for the updates.

It doesn't matter how big your army is or how many rules you've learned. Everyone can get involved no matter if you're a 30-year veteran or the glue is still drying on your first squad!

Each game you play will earn you Glory Points. At the end of the 6 weeks, the player with the most Glory wins!

You can earn extra Glory by fulfilling some optional extra criteria that give your games a special Vigilus Defiant flavour.

How do you earn points?

  • 10GPs - Winning the battle
  • 2GPs for each player - Using a Vigilus Battlezone
  • 1GP for each player - Playing a Vigilus Crucible of War mission
  • 3GPs for each player - Playing a Vigilus Echoes of War mission
  • Extra points for fulfilling the criteria for bonus glory in each campaign week.

Just come into the store and play a game and report your results.

If you're not sure how things work, come and get involved, it couldn't be easier!