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Wasteland Express Delivery Service


Wasteland Express Delivery Service is the depraved brain child of mega designer Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter), Matt Riddle (Fleet, Back to the Future) and Ben Pinchback(Fleet, Back to the Future), brought to technicolor life by award-winning comic artist, Riccardo Burchielli(DMZ, Batman Black and White) and it's free for members to play!

We'll be adding a copy of Wasteland Express Delivery Service to our member libraries this week, so you can enjoy this £80, massive game as part of your membership! 

Take on the role of drivers inhabiting a post-apocalyptic wasteland riddled with outrageous, unhinged and otherworldly characters set on unleashing mayhem at every turn. In order to survive in this deranged universe, drivers must deliver food water and guns between the handful of settlements pockmarked through the Wasteland. If you want to survive you'll have to battle through the insane raiders who occupy the void between cities. You'll take on missions from the three factions that have divided up the last of civilization and gain favor with them: the fascist New Republic Army which is hell-bent on bringing the world to heel for its own good; the heretical Oracles of Ceres who have turned their attention to the worship of the land; and harvest, and the technologically obsessed Archivists who cling to the old ways and the hope of restoring our lost civilization. But what the heck do you care? You're here to get paid and live another day free. Outfit your truck, hire some insane riders to help fend off raiders. Add some storage, and just keep truckin'.

The game will come complete with an emergent narrative story that will take place interactively over the course of 10 games. Each scenario will begin with a beautifully illustrated comic book introduction setting up the storyline and the constantly escalating stakes and challenges set in front of players. Or players can dive in with a randomly generated scenario that will play out over the course of a single emergent story-driven game session for infinite replay possibilities.

"Wasteland Express Delivery Service is a game where players fight dangerous gangs to deliver food, water and guns between the various settlements of a VERY Fury Road-looking wasteland, which sounds great to me as SU&SD has hardly scratched the surface of the grand genre of "pick up and deliver" board games."

But the most shiny & chrome feature of this box is that it'll be among the first post-Legacy games, absorbing the lessons of Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy without aping the entire format. W.E.D.S. will include an emergent narrative that'll slowly unfold over the course of ten games, providing just a dash of those games' variety and exposition."

Shut Up and Sit Down
The idea here is pretty simple. Get a truck, ships some goods where others fear to ship and upgrade your truck with more cargo space. But, who wants cargo space when you can have more guns!? This gives an interesting roleplay/development/builder feel to the game as you make choices about how to be the most successful Delivery Service in the Wasteland. Guns or cargo space? Or armour, or turbos? You can tinker to your heart's content with the modifications you can buy. Don't forget though, those public contracts need doing and you'll need to do some small ones to pay for all the guns (or turbo... sure, you might want a turbo).

If you like Mad Max, Route 666 or have fond memories of glueing bits onto your matchbox cars, this will be a happy trip back to those days. 

While you can't attack your rivals directly, you can muck up their plans with careful planning and by beating them to the contracts. This is either a good or bad thing depending on your playstyle. For me, it prevents the game devolving into a miniature wargame on turn one and allows each player to build up their plan within a limited amount of safety if they choose.

And there you have it! Come and play W.E.D.S. in the store from this week, free for members!

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