What a wild ride season 7 was. Favourite parts?...
Warhammer 40k games.... Hi everyone! I thought I would start a chat - as it appears only Kathryn and I are members of the 40k section in the Community area I was just wondering how many of us are playing (or thinking of playing 40k) and whether w...
I'm looking for a few cards to trade for. I need Baral, chief of compliance x2 Peacewalker Collosus x2 Primal amulet x2 Sram x2 Has anyone got these to trade in Burnley or Colne?...
I'm looking for 1 copy of each of the following to finally finish the cube I've been building: Ainok bond kin Seeker of the way Abzan falconer Archetype of courage Condemn Hedron crab Geralf's mindcrusher Exclude Fact or fiction Ponder ...
Please post any feedback about the Community site into this thread. I'll do my best to add any common questions here too. FAQ - Is there an app for this? There are third party apps available, however, due to the amount of customisation that...
Code of Conduct Keep things fun! If your behaviour is stopping others having fun, it’s not allowed. Honesty, respect, sportsmanship, fairness are expected. Family Friendly Remember we have a range of ages visiting, even if you can’t see t...

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